The Menu

Bienvenue mesdames et messieurs,

Monsieur Madame has created a blended menu inspired by both Modern & Classic french cuisine. With over 10 years experience in French & European restaurants, we wanted to bring you simply the best tastes that France has to offer.

VG – Vegetarian, VA – Vegan, GF – Gluten Free Available

We aim to bring you REAL food, that’s why we use locally sourced produce and only serve the freshest. If you look at our menu, you will notice we don’t have anything recommended. That’s because we aim for perfection with EVERY dish, and therefore recommend each and every item.

Without further ado, we present to you Monsieur Madame’s menu!











As we are processing our liquor license, we have postponed dinner service until we’ve acquired it. In the mean time, we’ll work on perfecting it to make sure you have an amazing experience every time you dine with us.

After all, what’s dinner without a little something to drink?